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Wife, Mom, and a Knitting fanatic who loves to spread the addiction around. It is all about artistic expresson.



Marvels of Knitting

Creating Community One Stitch at a Time

Creating Community through knitting just happens. Just as "felt happens" if you wash wool in the washing machine, "community happens" when you put two or more people together with sticks/hooks and string in their hands. To that end I am commited to bringing people together to knit/crochet and being a part of the magic as it happens.

This is our community with knitting as the foundation.

Free Beginning Knitting and Crochet

The Foundation of MOK

~ Learn to knit or crochet

~ You will learn the basic stitches, simple corrections and basic pattern reading by making three projects. These are typically a scarf, a hat and a felted bag. The time it takes to complete these project varies greatly.

~ I have the materials for your first project so you just need to show up for the first session. The materials will cost you $15-20 depending on your yarn choice.

~ Upon completion of these three projects you will move on to Drop-in" status for further instruction.


Drop-ins are $15 for 2 hour sessions. If you need help with a pattern or technique this is for you. There are usually several people in attendance during any one drop-in time and my time is divided between them over the 2+ hours.


Full Membership $40 per month

Drop-ins with unlimited attendance per month

Reduced Price on specialty classes

Early regestration for all events


Private Lessons

I am happy to work with you privately if you want one on one attention. Please email me for pricing and so we can arrange a time.


Group Lessons

For those that have several people that want to learn a technique or a certainpattern. Call me for pricing and to make arrangements


Come in and Knit

You are welcome to join us and knit without instruction from me. 

Donations and Bartering are welcomed 


This is about inclusion of anyone that wants to come and join us. If the monetary amounts are too high for you right now then contact me and we'll see if we can set up a bartering situation that works for both of us. I am very open to bartering. There is a lot of things I need done and I welcome the help.