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Friday's Queue 

This weeks peak into the queue is from the current Twist Collective. I already blogged about how great this is issue is here. I included this pattern in the post. Since I am so in love with it I want to really talk about it. 

Sparrow by Pam Allan 

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"Friday's Queue"

In an effort to blog more regularly I am going to assign some consistant subjects for one or two days a week. Fridays are going to be "Friday's Queue". I am going to look through my queue on Ravelry, which at the moment is 14 pages and 400 items strong, and pick a pattern to talk about. I think that will give me many wonderful blog entries, right?


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Slogging Through the Sweater

I have a project that I am having to push through right now. You know those longer projects that are exciting to start. Fun to figure out. But then about half way through you hit the wall. The project goes into a very simple pattern repeat, 5x1 rib pattern, that seems to go on forever! 

Agatha is that project right now,

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Lorna Miser and Red Barn Yarns!!

Friday April 29

Our last event was almost a month ago. Time sure does fly. We had Catherine Petitti and her amazing handpainted yarns, Red Barn Yarns, here for a trunk show.

We where busy the whole time she was here and every one loved her yarns. 

If you missed it here is a video of what went down.

Friday April 29 will be our next Event. 

Lorna Miser, founder of Lorna's Laces, is coming to our Arcadia location to sign her books and then lead us in a workshop about how to get the most out of those beautiful hand painted and varigated yarns. 

Can you think of a more perfect day? Playing with beautiful yarns and learning from one of the first women to do hand dyed yarns?

I think not. 

For full information go to the Lorna Miser page 

Email me right away if you want to attend the workshop



Day 6: What knitting do you aspire to?

I love this question. I knit a lot and can knit almost anything I lay my eyes on. There may be a lot of ripping and trying it over agian but in the end I get it. 

The one thing I have never really sat down and done is a major lace project with lace yarn.

I have a lot of lace yarn. 

Brooklyn Tweed

I have dream lace projects. 

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Yarn Clubs


Knitter's Review (which you already subcribe too right?), has a list of yarn clubs that are worth looking into. These clubs very in price and structure but are the best way to get your hands on some very good yarns and enables you to experience yarns and colors that may be out of your normal preferences. 

The one most intriguing to me is Foxfibers. You are buying shares of yarn or fiber from a small farm. They produce the yarn from lamb to skein. If you want green yarn it doesn't get any better then this!

Sandara Yarn(pictured above) is one of my favorites!!! At one time impossible to get a hold of. 

Knitters Review


Tidy Mind, Tidy Stitches  2kcbwday3

Day 3 of "knit and crochet blog week"  

Our Topic today: How do you keep your yarn wrangling organized?    

I have been laughing hysterical since I went around taking pictures of all the different places that I have knitting paraphernalia.

Now, in my defense (I know I am speaking to the choir here but I still feel like I need a defense), I am running a knitting business from my home. 

But Holy noodle, I have stuff everywhere!!!  My house is rather neat and except for the smallest bedroom being a craft room you really have no idea that I have so many things in this house. That's got to be good right? 

As for how I organize the yarns I tend to put them together by weight, then fiber. It seems to me that I am looking for a weight of yarn before I am looking for a color or certain fiber. 

And now I present the Stash Show!!

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