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No Camera = Boring Post

My camera broke over the weekend. Sand or something got into it and it won't open. It is in the camera hospital.

But what is a post without pics??


So here is some eye candy that isn't mine.

Scroll down to find this Great Beaded Knitted bag and her free pattern.

Matilda Jane
Too Cute, Especially the guy at the bottom!

Knit Art Studio
Just Over the Top


I did finally take the shrug out of it's "Time Out" status and finished it. It still gave me some lip.

But I Prevailed!

I will block it this weekend. Maybe the camera will come home from the hospital and I can take some pictures.

Next up?

Annie Modesitt's "Twisted Float Shrug" found in the Fall 2005 Vogue Knitting Magazine.
My other sister's birthday is next week so I have to get hopping on this Christmas present. Good News! It's half done.

I am still not behind!


Bad Fay Lynn, Bad Shrug

Oh the PAIN of it all.

Why is it that a project can be humming along.

Pick up 256 stitch along the bottom and inside edges-check

Knitting in the round - check

Knit 3 garter stitch rows - checks

Drop Stitch row, wrapping 4 times on all 256 stitches - check

Begin slipping and knitting 8 wrapped stitches in reverse order - check

I completed about 5 set of 8 and then.........

The "Knit 3" row is in stockinette instead of garter stitch, I am knitting in the round now..........I should have puled two of the rows......

Bad Fay Lynn
Bad Bad Fay Lynn

Take out the last 3 hours of work - check!!

I am not a happy camper right now. I am so not a happy camper.

Rockin Sock Club to the rescue. A wonderful package in the mail.

I love these colors and I love this great pattern.


Bergamo Shrug from Weekend Knitting

This Great little shrug is one of the MANY things I have on my needles right now. I will slowly add the others over the next week, or two, or three. There are a lot of things going right now.

I am using Rowan RY Cashsoft. I love love love this yarn. It is so soft and is marvelous to knit with.

I have finished the back and the sides and I am starting to pick up the stitches for the boarders. Picking up stitches is always a "more then once" proposition. It usually takes me two or three times before the right number of stitches appear on my needles.

On the left side I needed 96 stitches total. I had to do it 3 times before that happened evenly. Hopefully the other edges will go faster.

This is the first of my Christmas knitting!!
I am not behind yet!!

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