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Dream Knitting

My taste in knitting changes a lot once the days get longer and warmer. I think many of us feel that change especially here in So Cal where the weather can be warm for half of the year.

Since I have just spent the last couple of weeks getting things off my needles I feel I can indulge myself in some "Dream Knitting".

Dream knitting : The gigantic queue of ideas that one creates with a real since that one could actually complete all the projects in such a queue within a proportionately small amount of time.

Shhh...... I am dreaming........

Yarn Dreaming:

It starts with a list of wonderful new summer yarns that I need to get my hands on and then find something wonderful to knit with them. Some of my favorite summer yarns right now are linked below. But there are soooooo many to chose from you could knit all summer and not have time to knit with all that is available.

Tahki Yarns Replay 100% recycled cotton

Tahki Yarns Good Earth Cotton 100% organic cotton in natural cotton colors

Rowan Purelife Revive 36% Recylced Silk/ 36% Recycled Cotton/ 28% Recycled Viscose in a tweed!

Misti Alpaca Tonos Pima Silk 83% Peruvian Pima Cotton and 17% silk. Hhand dyed in tonal colors. Love this!

Elsebeth Lavold Hempathy 40% Hemp/40% Cotton/20% Modal

Rowan Lenpur linen 75% Vi Lenpur/25% Linen What is Lenpur?????

Kolláge Yarns Milky Whey 50% Milk/50% Soy Great Colors

The Dream Continues: Summer Tops

Berroco's Peltigera, I saw someone wearing this at Stitches and man was it cute!


Inamorata Little lace top from Knitty.com

ButterCup (rav) This is done with the Hempathy listed above. There is also one done with the Rowen Lenpur linen

Petrie I love the shape of this shell

The Lace Dream:
Anything Lace is another great choice for the summer. The best thing about lace is you can use just about any yarn you want and come up with something wonderful.

There are so many choices out there it is really hard to choose just one.

Art Lace Bag scroll down. This uses bulky yarn!

Vogue Knitting Cover Lace Wrap.
There are several people wanting to make this one. You could join us!! Actually there are a lot of really nice projects in the current issue of Vogue Knitting.

Summit from the new Knitty.

Citron Not really lace but such a nice useful project for the summer. Out of bamboo??

Emily Dickinson with beads. Beads added to any lace is a beautiful thing!!

Crochet Dreaming:

My fancy often turns to crochet this time of year. Small projects for the home. They are fast and portable. The beach is always calling and crocheting with cotton is the perfect beach project. Here are a few fun projects that might be seen on my hooks soon.

Wavelength (rav)

Trinity Lace Shrug (rav)

Disc-Disc (rav) hotpads

Tiny Pin Cushion

I might start a motif blanket. I have wanted to do that for a couple of years.

Garnet Hill Inspried (rav)

Sock Dreams:

They are the perfect summer knit and your toes will thank you come next winter.


Toe-Up Bayerische

Drops 100-20 socks

Get Rid of Terrible Sock Yarn. How cool are these!



I hear you mumbling about how I will never get this all done.


I am still enjoying all the possibilities and the options. This might be one of my favorite parts of knitting.
Dreaming it all up and changing my mind constantly about what yarns I want to use for which pattern.

Shhhh..... I won't tell anyone.....

What are your Knitting Dreams???


Sunday Inspiration



I have spent a lot of time over the last week getting a new class up and running, "Hairpin Lace Connecting Up".
It is the next class after you learn to make hairpin strips. I did a lot of research on different ways to put together the strips. After making all the samples I spent Friday night writing all the instructions up. This is my favorite join so far.

I had a lot of people in this class and they were all very excited about doing hairpin lace and moving on to bigger projects. We are talking about doing the Stitch Diva Hairpin skirt as a KAL, we'll see.

One of the students found these encredible antique hairpin laces using the thinest thread and real hairpins to make the strips on.

Can you imagine actually doing this? I sure cann't.
But what a treasure, and she gave them to me so I can show them when I teach this class. Thanks Camille!!

Almost done with the cheveron scarf.

I love this thing. I think it is one of my most favorite items that I have made in a while. It just makes me happy to knit with this yarn (koigu) and these colors.

The simple joys are the best, don't you think?


Great Day

I had a great day! We are having a sale at Uraveled through tomorrow. Many of my SnB group came this morning. I had so much fun helping them spend their money.

I love working at a yarn store!!

I also brought in all my finished Shrugs and we talked the beautiful Mary into modeling for the pictures.

The Finished Projects Extravaganza

Bergamo Shrug from Weekend Knits
I used Cash Soft by Rowen
color Poppy
There were no modifications. I loved using this yarn it feels like butter and drapes really nice.

Crochet Shrug

Pattern is the Cover of the Tahki Stacy Spring Crochet Book
Yarn: I used Blue Heron Cotton/Rayon Tape
Color: Old Gold
Kertzer Kitty Railroad yarn
Color: Stain

Modifications: I made the small shrug. I didn't have enough yarn to do two rounds of the trim. But it looks fine with one. If you make the larger size you will have enough for the trim.

The railroad yarn adds a lot to the look of the shrug. It is a great way to use railroad to spark things up.

Last but not Least:

The Twisted Float Shrug

Pattern is from the Fall issue of Vogue - the cover

Yarn: Lorna Laces shepherd Worsted Superwash

Modification: none. But the next one I make I will make the circle larger so the shrug is longer.

There is a good picture of this on the Twisted Float Shrug KAL

Now it is time to figure out what to make Mom for Christmas. Have no clue. But it is too blessed hot to do much but socks. But as we discussed at the last SnB

"I am not a sock knitter" wink wink