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Knitty's up Too!!

 Don't you just love the beginning of a season? We get a change in our surrounding, cold weather gets warmer, hot weather get cooler. We also get a change in our knitting. With the arival of spring there are new patterns to keep us from actually knitting. Lighter weight yarns and projects are what we are looking for. I also tend to pick up crocheting in the summer months. 

Right on cue, the spring/summer knitty.com is up. 

I have to say I think it is a bit lite on projects I will want to knit. But there are some nice options to concider.

The most intriguing pattern is sporting a new knitting technique! Even my DH asked if there really could be a new way to knit something. 

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Day 7: Your knitting and crochet time. 

Well this is the last post for Blog week. It has been so much fun reading everyone elses blogs and seeing how we are very different and we can pretty much relate to everyones struggles and triumphs. 

Today's post is about your knitting time. I will knit anywhere I can and often.

 Weather permitting, my favorite place is on my front porch listening to an audio book. I have moved my old rocking chair out there, the one I rocked my babies in. It is so comfortable.

I have a fabulous wind chime that gently sounds in low tones, flowers in lots of places and a lots of trees on my street. For a city street it is pretty nice. 

My second favorite place is at he Rose Bowl by the pool. My husband swims, I know I should be swimming with him.  There is a great little hill that over looks the pool area. So sit under the trees, looking out over the Arroyo and the pool, listening to the water splash as people swim. Sometimes I listen to my book or podcasts but all the lovely sounds are so relaxing that I often op out of the electronics. 


Thank you Eskimimi for the great organiztion and bloging ideas. I am hoping this has jumped started more consistant bloging on my part. I really enjoyed reading others blogs and finding some really good blogs I didn't know about. 

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Day 6: What knitting do you aspire to?

I love this question. I knit a lot and can knit almost anything I lay my eyes on. There may be a lot of ripping and trying it over agian but in the end I get it. 

The one thing I have never really sat down and done is a major lace project with lace yarn.

I have a lot of lace yarn. 

Brooklyn Tweed

I have dream lace projects. 

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Wow, The New Twist Collective is Up

And is it wonderful. It has been a very long time since I looked through any magazine and wanted to knit up about half of it. This Collection in Twist Collective is just amazing. 




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Day Four: 31st March. Where are they now?

Today's Blog is about past projects and what has happened with them over time. 

Looking back on my Ravelry project page I realized that most of my projects are gifts or class related. The class related projects are in a basket that students use for inpiration or examples. 

What I do knit for myself are shawls. I was never a big shawl wearer until this past year. The smaller shawls have become one of my favoite things. I may attruibute that to the very cold and wet winter we had. That bit of cover makes a big difference. Especially in the evenings in my old drafty house.  

The other way I enjoy these shawls is they adorn many a chair back around my house.

That way I can enjoy them even when I am not wearing them. 

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Yarn Clubs


Knitter's Review (which you already subcribe too right?), has a list of yarn clubs that are worth looking into. These clubs very in price and structure but are the best way to get your hands on some very good yarns and enables you to experience yarns and colors that may be out of your normal preferences. 

The one most intriguing to me is Foxfibers. You are buying shares of yarn or fiber from a small farm. They produce the yarn from lamb to skein. If you want green yarn it doesn't get any better then this!

Sandara Yarn(pictured above) is one of my favorites!!! At one time impossible to get a hold of. 

Knitters Review


Tidy Mind, Tidy Stitches  2kcbwday3

Day 3 of "knit and crochet blog week"  

Our Topic today: How do you keep your yarn wrangling organized?    

I have been laughing hysterical since I went around taking pictures of all the different places that I have knitting paraphernalia.

Now, in my defense (I know I am speaking to the choir here but I still feel like I need a defense), I am running a knitting business from my home. 

But Holy noodle, I have stuff everywhere!!!  My house is rather neat and except for the smallest bedroom being a craft room you really have no idea that I have so many things in this house. That's got to be good right? 

As for how I organize the yarns I tend to put them together by weight, then fiber. It seems to me that I am looking for a weight of yarn before I am looking for a color or certain fiber. 

And now I present the Stash Show!!

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