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Hello Dear Blog

 Fatty Lumpkin (rav link)


It has been just over 2 years since I last did any blogging.

~I have moved to Laguna Woods, in South Orange County and love it.


~The boys have grown up and are on their own


~We remodeled our little condo.


~Scott's mom (on the left) moved up last January

My mom on the right. Don't they look like sisters?


~I am still going up to San Gabriel Valley on a weekly basis to see

my knitting friends and help them out with their knitting. 


~I am still just as obsessed with knitting, crochet and all things fiber.

Vegas Sonnensegel (rav link)



~Life has settled down and I find myself looking for my next thing. 

I am in a "what do I do know with my life" stage.


This is a first. Even when I started College I know what I was going to be doing and did it starting at 16.  I have always had lots of direction and goals for my life that where very real and things I worked on every day. From playing and teaching flute and piano, to directing bell choirs for 25 years, being a mother and wife and becoming a Waldorf teacher. When I retired from that I began working and teaching out of the yarn store until it closed and the started Marvels of knitting from my home. There has always been a lot filling my life. 

Since we moved, all my "jobs" have disappeared  and I find myself with the world in front of me and not knowing which way I want to go. I am not even sure what makes me happy except for my husband and knitting. 

Our health and what we need to do to be vibrent has been front and center for both of us. I have taken up dancing and go to a dance studio to workout several times a week and have met some great friends there. 

One goal I have is to make friends with my kitchen. I would love for it to become a happy place. I want to learn to make some good whole foods, ferment foods, sprout, kombucha etc.  

But I have to say that over the last two years I have cocooned myself. It is something I needed to do and I am very greatful to have the oppertunity to take the time for myself.  

Now I am looking for other ways to express myself. I went back and looked at my blog. I like my blog. As I looked it over it brought back lots of memeories and I remember how much I did enjoy it. 

So as a way of stepping out of my cocoon I am going to start writing again. I am not sure what I will write about. I'm sure it will be a mixture of all the things in my life as before. But mostly, I just want another way of getting out there again just to see what happens. 


So Hello Dear Blog!



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