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I have been finishing projects. Yeah!!!

Here they are:

 Cloche Enough/Chemo Hat by Debbie Anne & Susan Ann

I used stash yarn for this. Both merino yarn in dk weight. This was a lot of fun to knit and I love the way it turned out. I got lazy and crocheted and little "flower" for the center and then went through my button collection. I made this for a class. It was really fun to see all of the different colors. Once I get a picture of all of them I will update this so you can see them all.  

Toe-Up "Crazy Monkey" By Jennifer O'Sullivan

These are the same as Cookie A's monkey sock but knit from the toe-up. You have to reverse the lace pattern and luckily Jennifer has done that so I didn't have to put any thought into it. I have knit 3 pairs of these socks both cuff down and toe-up. It is a very easy pattern to memorize, it looks great with varigated yarns and it is a nice stretchy pattern.    

 Mara Shawl by Madelinetosh

This is the second Mara I have made. This is a very addictive knit. There are several people in our group that have knitted this and more then one person, me, has knitted more then one of them. I am not sure why this is a fun knit. It is just garter stitch and then ribbing. Miles and miles of ribbing. Yet, it is a fun knit. It also looks great in all yarns, different weights and fibers. I highly suggested it.  

The last one isn't a current FO but one I did last year and finally was able to get some pictures of it on the recipent. I have watched Miss Claire for just about 3 years now. I knit this for her last Easter and she was able to wear it again this Easter. I finally was able to do a photo shoot with her. If it isn't too short I think she might be able to wear it again next year too.

 Jane Austin Dress by Kay Gardiner and Ann Shayne from their 2nd Mason-Dixon book "Knitting Outside the Lines"

This is a very fun project. The upper part of the dress and the bolero  were knit with Berroco Pure Pima Cotton. The skirted is cotton fabric that I sewed onto the top. Fast and very cute.  

That does it for now. Is there anything left on my needles you may ask???
Answer: Well of course silly; 

Andrea Shawl

Pair of Socks

Fairy Castle to be casted on tomorrow

and yes I am still slogging through Agatha with the top-down lace cardigan waiting in the wings. 

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