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"Friday's Queue"

In an effort to blog more regularly I am going to assign some consistant subjects for one or two days a week. Fridays are going to be "Friday's Queue". I am going to look through my queue on Ravelry, which at the moment is 14 pages and 400 items strong, and pick a pattern to talk about. I think that will give me many wonderful blog entries, right?

 First we could have a discussion on how one even uses a queue of knitting projects. After all Ravelry also has a "favorites" option. What's the difference??

I don't think there is one way to use either catagory. What I do is use my queue to put patterns I don't want to lose sight of. I go through my queue often and have a good idea what is in there. I also use it to store search ideas for classes or clients, tag them accordingly so I can easily find them when I need to.

My "Favorites" list is a place to put a project that I think is wonderful and if it is in my favorites I have a good chance of finding it again if I want to. I have over 3000 favs. Yup that is almost 4 years worth of fav saving. I never clean these out and over time I have taged a lot of them. That makes them my personal "Ravelry data base". 

I have a lot of summer ideas at the top of my queue right now.
One that has been in there awhile is Becky by Debbie Bliss 

I think this would look good on anyone, any size. The neckline is my favorite part along with the pleats just under the bust. 

The cable shaping is what you would call "full fashion shapping". That means that the decreases are in the stitch pattern itself and they become invisable.  I really like patterns that do that. It makes it look so professional.  

Th pattern uses a dk weight yarn and calls for Debbie Bliss Cathay which has been discontinued. I would probably use something that had linen in it as I live So Cal and love linen. 

Knitpicks Cotlin would be one I might chose from. This one was done witht the cotlin rav link.

Other yarn choices could be Elsebeth Lavold Hempathy. I have wanted to try this yarn because I love the colors and there are a lot of them to chose from. 

Berroco has a new yarn this summer called Linsey. There are stripping colors and they have a few solids. The solid colors are very lovely. 

Last possibility might be Classic Elite Yarns Firefly.  75% viscos and 25% linen.  Again really great colors.

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