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Slogging Through the Sweater

I have a project that I am having to push through right now. You know those longer projects that are exciting to start. Fun to figure out. But then about half way through you hit the wall. The project goes into a very simple pattern repeat, 5x1 rib pattern, that seems to go on forever! 

Agatha is that project right now,

with the top down lacey cardigan right behind it.

I had put it down to work on other more pressing projects. Then I had jury duty last monday. So I took Agatha with me. I got to sit and knit all day.  I knitted for hours and seemed to only get maybe 2 inches of the body done. I have been able to be pretty monogamous to this project for a week now. I have gone through 4 skeins of yarn. I upped my needle size to a 7, give it a bit more room in the hips.

It is like moving through mud. 

I have to start knitting for my next class, Fairy Castles,

so I will have to put myself on a knitting schedule with this sweater. Hmmmmm maye knit 4 rows every day. I think it takes about 15 min. to knit a row. I will have to time that out and then make my decision. That way there will still be movement, and it will get done.

I still have to do sleeves when the body is done. 

I love the process of knitting. I will knit something just to knit it even though I don't have someone that can use it or wear it. I knit pretty much every day. I have found that I do feel frustrated if I don't feel like I am acutally accomplishing something. Thus the feeling for slogging, plodding, moving as if in a dream state. Waking up without coffee. 

After what can seem like an eternity,something  magical happens. You reach a tipping point. All of the sudden and the end is in sight. You have a new sense of excitment and joy around the project. Oh, I can not wait for that day. 

Do you have a project that you are slogging through? Do you want to slog together?

Slogging loves company!!

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