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Fall has Arrived

I have no idea where the summer went. I did take the summer off from teaching project classes and just running the weekly beginning knitting and drop-in classes. I was starting to think about fall classes and even begane to knit up class samples so that I would be ahead of the curve for once. 


Then all h#$% broke loose and we decided, out of the blue really, to sell our house. It was the end of August when this happened and by Sept 18 we had our first open house. In the 3 week period I packed up half of the house, decluterred, decluttered and decluttered some more. The house was painted on the out side, beautiful and the backyard brought up to pretty. One month after that we are signing pappers and as of this weekend all the continginsies are gone and I will be moving out of my 1918 craftsman bungalow by January 6, 2012. Wow!!

Our plan is to by somewhere in the Laguna Niguel/Laguna Hills area. We both grew up around the beach and always go down to OC for weekends away to be near the water. The prices in OC realestate has taken a hit over the last coupld of years and we found that we can probably get into a small condo, with no mortgage and live 5 or 10 minuets from my favorite beach. Heaven. 


Needless to say this has been a shock to the system around here. I have been in the San Gabriel Valley for 35 years now. All my family has moved on but I have remained. So I am pulling up a lot of roots that have grown very deep over the years and my many reincarnations. My knitting comunity is going to be the hardest to replace. 

I know that knitters are great people where ever you go but I love the group of people I knit with and teach. Thank goodness I am only moving 1 hour away and will still come up and knit with my friends on Friday's in Arcadia. But I am going to have to work out another solution for Thrusday evenings and Saturday mornings. There are many wonderful offers from some of the knitters to use their houses for getting together and I am sure that I will be taking advantage of that. I am also thinking of seeing if there are some stores in the area that I might be able to teach out of. 

Good news is that I am 95% sure that I will be renting in the area at least until spring so unlike the selling of the house whirlwind, I have time to find the perfect solution for as many of us as is possible. 


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