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Family Fun


The Last few weeks have been great for both Wes and Josh.
Those Two Babies have all Grown Up into
Two Wonderful Men

Wesley Graduated from the Academy of Arts University in San Francisco.
He has a BFA in New Media.
In other words, he is a mean artist on the computer. He knows how to use all those really hard and very very very time consuming programs and creates magic with them.
Some of his portfolio is up on his website.
He has one more class this summer to finish putting all the rest of his work on the website and in all the other forms it needs to be in for prospected employers to view.

Great Job Wes.
We are so proud of you!

And then My Baby turned 23 this week.

That little one is now Tall and Muscular
Very Athletic and Brilliant
Talented in oh so many things
With one of the kindest Hearts around
We wish you a Fabulous and Prosperous year.


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